Book an appointment with Paola Aldewliy Photography using SetMore


*Please note! Newborn session will be provided if baby age only from 6 to 14 days. Home Session will be done at your home.


*Waiting time for the finished product in certain circumstances: from 2 to 7 months from the date of the payment  


*Downpayment fees are non refundable if you decide to cancel the session 


*No raw or unprocessed digital images will be provided under any circumstances!


*Please understand that session fees, print prices and business policies are non-negotiable.


*Session fee is due at time of booking to secure your place on our calendar and is non- refundable


*Full payment should be done in the day of photo session


*For sessions  outside of Eastern Region a travel fee is required


*Package will not be delivered to the same location of the photoshoot. Clients should collect their package from photographer location.


*Prices and packages can change without notice. Current pricing will be honored for thirty days for sessions that are booked with the retainer prices. 


*If within 4-6 months the client doesn’t select the photos for editing sent to them, the photographer has the right to choose for them. Any changes requested by the client apply extra fees.


*Please note that you are aware of the photographer's style and his editing vision in photography, make sure that you  learned his portfolio before you made your booking, if after the session you are unsatisfied with the results because it does not meet your preference of style , or you do not like the editing of the pictures there will be no refunds due to unreasonable demands.


*The photographer has the right to cancel or postpone the photo session due to any personal circumstances, equipment failure or any emergencies.