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3000 AED


One-day Master Class in Gulf Countries. The workshop covers the following: newborn photography basics, in-depth instruction on lighting, posing with newborn models, composing for in-camera perfection, the importance of the technical settings of the camera, post-processing, and much more.


One Day Newborn Photography Workshop with Paola Aldewliy

When: November 20, 2023
Where: UAE, Dubai

Organizer:  Studio First Impression Dubai 
Cost: 3000 AED/SR

Deposit: 1500 AED/SR  (nonrefundable)
Attendees: minimum 10 people maximum 12

The workshop will start at 9:30  am and will be done by 6 pm

We will have two models, they will arrive at 10:30 am

From 1 to 1:30 pm., we will have a break for lunch

At 2 pm  will arrive another model


Master Class will cover:

1. Camera and lighting setup, including proper settings.

2. Demonstrating optimal light placement for achieving the best results in your photos.

3. Sharing my shooting workflow and seamless transitions between positions.

4. Posing techniques on the beanbag, including side poses with smooth transitions.

Exploring various poses such as  Side Lying Pose, Swing Posing, Big Toy Pose, Face Forward Pose, Potato Sack, Bum Up Pose , Rabbit Pose, Taco Pose, Heart Bowl Pose,  Back Pose, Froggy Pose (if possible) and many more popular poses.

6. Props Posing: including Box Pose, Bucket Pose, and Bed Pose variations.

Shooting angles, Wrapping


Although we have a planned agenda, I am open to listening to my student’s needs and can showcase positions that interest photographers to make the Master Class even more effective.


The editing process will be recorded, and a link to the recording will be provided. We will cover output selection and the best shots from the session using Photo Mechanic. Batch editing, working in Camera Raw, and detailed retouching in Adobe Photoshop will be demonstrated.


I will also demonstrate working with presets in Camera Raw and provide participants with a link to my presets . Additionally, I will show how to use actions for optimal results and speed up the workflow by recording your own actions .

Upon completion of the Master Class, students will receive diplomas.


Please bring a notebook, pen, camera, and/or 50mm, 35mm, or 24-70mm lens. It is advisable to have a change of clothes and wear light, breathable fabric as the studio may be warm.

**Please note that only the master can pose the baby during the Master Class.


You are welcome to showcase the photos taken during the Master Class in your portfolio, with a preferred mention that they were taken as part of my Master Class. Taking photos, and recording audio and video on your phone are allowed.

**It is essential to clarify that I do not teach primary camera usage or Photoshop skills. Each student is expected to have a certain level of proficiency and basic knowledge in camera control and working with Adobe Photoshop.


**By purchasing this Master Class, you agree not to distribute the information received as part of the class.


After completing the Master Class, you will become a more skilled newborn photographer, equipped with confidence and knowledge.


I offer consultations to participants who wish to analyze their portfolios after the class, which will be conducted via Zoom.

Furthermore, each participant will have the opportunity to join my exclusive Facebook group, where you can ask questions and engage with other participants.


The price for the Master Class is 3000 SR/AED per person.


**After completing the form, you will pay the full price of 3000 SR/AED or the first installment of 1500 SR/AED on the same day. The second installment should be paid a few days before the Master Class.

If you have any questions concerning the payment send us an email to  If you have not paid after registering, your spot automatically will be given to another party wishing to visit the workshop.

***The deposit of 1500 SR/AED should be paid  to secure your spot 

After registering we will provide you with the payment link or you can deposit here After completing your registration, we will provide you with the payment link , alternatively, you can make a deposit directly here: