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A maternity photo session in the fine art portrait style

Mama's Art Portrait


I do not focus my attention only on the tummy, when shooting a woman, I show her beauty!


A maternity photo session in the fine art portrait style such a beautiful process and result.  For me, this is primarily art. Many mamas see themselves at the time of pregnancy tired, swollen, and without mood, but when they get to me for a photo shoot, they change, they smile, laugh, they forget that they weigh a little more than before and that their back hurts.


They wear high-heeled shoes, try on stylish and feminine outfits, and feel beautiful, and this is what makes a woman truly happy at the moment and leaves pleasant memories.


Mama Giselle: 

''You are amazing!! Thank you so much for making me feel so beautiful''


Mama's Art Portrait


  • Studio Session
  • Fully  edited in the fine art portrait style 7 digital high-resolution images 
  • Beautiful  Digital Gallery 
  • This session Includes outfits and accessories 
  • 1 hours session duration 
  • Husband can attend


All products: printed photos, wall art, photo album, you can order additionally.  To do this, contact me at this number +966 54 336 7507


SR 1,900